The 4 keys to Business Transformation

What are the ‘Big Issues’ to look at when you are working to Transform, or Turnaround a business?  The actions that really make a difference. In this article I have put together what in my experience are the 4 fundamental issues in making any form of business transformation, intervention, or turnaround strategy work effectively.  They […]

How to grow profits in difficult markets

It seems we could be entering a further period of market uncertainty.  Global Stock markets have fallen their heady peaks recently and Europe is back in the news with concerns over the entire region, from new concerns over Greece and German growth slowing dramatically.  On the other sides of the world both China and the […]

How to get the right Business Management support

The availability of Management advice We have all seen there is an enormous amount of management theory out there. By definition there are therefore an even larger number of business management consultants, each using one or more of these theories to advise their clients on everything from business strategy to company turnaround.  I know because […]