Risk management – Responsible Financial Management Webinar

Press release from the Open University The Responsible Financial Management webinar from The Open University Business School (OUBS) took place Wednesday 12 March. The webinar introduced video highlights from the Business Perspectives Thought Leaders Roundtable discussion that took place in London on Thursday 20 February 2014. You can listen to what speakers had to say […]

How to maximise the Lifetime Value of customers

The Lifetime Value of a client or customer How do you Measure it and Why is it important? 1. How do I work it out? The traditional method as defined in Wikipedia: Customer lifetime value (CLV): The present value of the future cash flows attributed to the customer during his/her entire relationship with the company. […]

Client retention – How can we be better at it?

Customer retention versus Customer acquisition It is argued that it costs on average 8 times more to acquire a new client than it does to retain an existing one.  Indeed, a recent article by The Chartered Institute of Marketing suggests that it can cost up to 30 times more! Customer care is something we hear […]

Risk management post financial crisis – Business Finance Solutions

Risk Management  – Is it better now? I have recently taken part in a roundtable discussion on Responsible Financial Management organised and facilitated by the Open University Business School drawing together experienced people from both the world of business and academia. In particular the discussion focussed on what has changed since the onset of the […]

9 Ways to develop a Creative Climate and improve Employee Engagement

Definition ‘A creative climate is a safe nurturing environment for people to work in and one that encourages innovation and creativity.’ Why a Creative Climate? In today’s world, with globalisation, the advances of IT and ever more government intervention, everything is moving so fast that companies cannot afford to stand still.  Increasing competition means that […]