9 Ways to develop a Creative Climate and improve Employee Engagement

Definition ‘A creative climate is a safe nurturing environment for people to work in and one that encourages innovation and creativity.’ Why a Creative Climate? In today’s world, with globalisation, the advances of IT and ever more government intervention, everything is moving so fast that companies cannot afford to stand still.  Increasing competition means that […]

How to ensure your strategy is aligned for great employee engagement

Strategic fit – Make sure the turnaround strategy is in line with the business purpose  I am always surprised to see turnaround strategies that have at their core a complete reduction, let’s say in Marketing and Service departments, supporting a purpose that is based on increasing sales penetration and the provision of first class customer […]

9 Creative ways to achieve staff engagement during turnaround

In any change or turnaround situation, Human Resources plays a vital role in both implementing your chosen strategy and developing a sustainable creative culture. An Engaging and Open Culture   The environment needs to create as much safety and security around employees during these potentially difficult times given there is likely to be high levels […]