Daily obstacles to business growth

Growth Solutions for Medium Sized BusinessAs the business world evolves post-financial crisis, for many organisations sales and profit growth have become ever harder to achieve. With shareholder expectations seemingly increasing by the day, making budget for the coming period becomes ever more challenging.

Being caught up in the day job, running a large and complex organisation with what seems like a thousand people looking over your shoulder is, of course, not conducive to stepping back and taking the holistic view of the organisation you would like.

The pace of change is ever faster and the consequent demands on your time just to keep up, are enormous. As such, it is near impossible to find the opportunity for space and time away from the daily grind to reflect on the key business issues, to take a fresh look at the market and build a business model that is designed to grow the organisation in a meaningful way. And yet, making the time to do just that could prove to be invaluable.

Making time for growth

Recent statistics from the Government-led GrowthAccelerator, suggest that of those businesses that received support from them 90% found that the advice was important in bringing new product/service development and business models to the market. An impressive, but not surprising, statistic when you consider that external expertise and experience will invariably be able to bring new ideas to the table that can refresh and rejuvenate current thinking and strategies.

Similarly, of those that found time to utilise the leadership and management training, 98% of senior executives felt that the coaching helped improve their management capability. Investing the time in yourself and the capacity of your business to adapt, innovate and improve might just result in the profit growth or increase in market share that you seek.

A trusted path to growth

Trans Capital has a proven track record in working with medium sized businesses in helping to facilitate sustainable growth strategies, fully recognising the benefits of being able to step back and take a broad view of the business. We work with clients to develop co-ordinated strategies that are built to work within the current business environment, whilst at the same time being flexible enough to proactively adjust to the next set of market and economic moves – and always cognisant of how difficult it can be to take these steps when you are deeply entrenched in the detail of day-to-day operations.

We also recognise the sensitivities of working as an outsider within complex organisations, and the diplomacy and reliability required to do so successfully. We are there to work with the established leaders within the company, to create growth whilst at the same time respecting and working within existing structures and hierarchies.   It is our job to complement and support in the background, not to appear in the frontline.

Set up a confidential consultation with us today, to discuss how we might look at options for embracing new opportunities and addressing key issues that may be holding you back.

John Thompson is MBA qualified and a Registered and Approved Growth Coach for GrowthAccelerator, part of the Business Growth Service, helping ambitious businesses achieve rapid and sustainable growth by providing tailored, expert advice.

Whether it’s insight into what’s holding you back and developing a plan for the future, helping you build a case for investment and finding new sources of finance, turning your most innovative ideas into profit, or providing training and masterclasses to develop confident leadership and management, GrowthAcclerator is focused on a single goal: the growth of your business. Find out more at www.greatbusiness.gov.uk/ga