John ThompsonI have 25 years’ experience of owning, operating and advising businesses and a passion for working with business owners and managers to facilitate growth. If you are looking for independent and impartial advice on the best ways to develop sustainable growth and create value for your business, we should talk.

In my experience, there is no one formula for business success as no two organisations are the same – the solutions are different in every case. I encourage a 360-degree review, beyond the financials, to areas such as product offering, market positioning, resourcing, flexibility, people development and great cultures.

I work with you to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of existing resources and to implement change towards positive outcomes. And with a new functional co-ordination and a clear vision for the business, I help create a platform for you to take the business to the next stage.

Here are a few examples of situations where I have added considerable value.

Cashflow UK: from lifestyle business to market leader in two years and profitable trade sale in four years

I was approached by the founder of a finance brokerage business to assist with the development and implementation of his new ambitious growth plans. The company had been running very much on a lifestyle basis for the previous three years, with the owner fitting the business in around his hectic triathlon commitments.

Here’s how I was able to help this business:

  • Six months after I got involved an ambitious and sustainable growth plan had been developed
  • One year later and the plan was fully implemented and the business was growing apace
  • Two years later the business became the largest broker in the UK
  • Three years on and the founder had trebled his salary
  • Four years later we sold the business to a trade buyer for a multi-million-pound sum making the founder a significant return on his investment

Established natural stone supplier BBS grows by 50% following financial difficulties

I was introduced to this natural stone supplier by a previous client at a time when they were experiencing difficulties implementing their ambitious growth plans. Following a significant bad debt, they were coming under increasing pressure from the Bank for repayment of their facilities.

  • Within two months I had arranged new finance facilities removing the immediate danger
  • Three months later the business had been stabilised and put back on a growth trajectory
  • Within two years the business turnover had grown by 50%

My personal journey from an underperforming, undercapitalised business on the edge of failure to profitable sale to PLC in two years

Twenty-five years ago I acquired Trafalgar, a distressed chemical distribution business for a nominal fee, and moved my wife and two young children across the country. Taking control and turning this business around was complex, with major trading problems and significant bank pressure resulting in a good deal of personal pressure.

  • Within three months I had stabilised the loss-making situation
  • After six months I had refocussed the business on profitable activities
  • Twelve months in I re-established a value creation strategy
  • Eighteen months later I attracted the attention of acquisitive PLC
  • Finally completing a successful sale to the PLC in 24 months

Background and interests

I am a keen rugby follower (playing as an amateur for Bedford and Wasps in my younger years), MBA qualified and a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute. My skills include sustainable business growth, value creation, business finance solutions, revitalising underperforming businesses, and exit strategies.

If you recognise a good fit with your situation and my experience and passion, reach out and let me know. I would be delighted to have a no-obligation fee-free chat about your situation (I have signed a lot of NDAs in my time so don’t be shy).