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Microbusinesssolutions“Seeing the wood for the trees”

If you are running your own micro business, you will be well accustomed to the frustration of wanting to grow but simply not having the capacity to do so. You spend so much time plying your trade, servicing clients and managing cashflow that finding the time, resource and, not least, the experience to plan to grow your business is an unknown luxury.

On top of that there is the increasing pace at which changes, be they commercial, technological, economical or environmental, are thrust upon us; the surest thing about business being that it will be different next week!

Growing pains

Little wonder then that for many ambitious firms the task of developing, implementing and financing a sustainable growth strategy can often seem an overwhelming and, potentially risky, undertaking.

Indeed, recent research into growth in micro businesses, commissioned by the Department of Business Innovation & Skills, found that a third (34 per cent) of micro businesses thought that growth would be overly risky. And, in response to a further question relating to whether growing the business would mean too much time would be spent managing rather than earning, the research found that 48 per cent of micro businesses agreed or agreed strongly to the conjecture.

A trusted path to growth

And yet, whilst there is clear evidence here of nervousness, or even fear, of embarking on a path towards growth, according to the GrowthAccelerator-Annual-Report-2014_FV, those who seek assistance from a business growth advisor to help with planning and implementing their strategy, achieve business growth at a rate 4 times faster than those that don’t.

This is not surprising, when you consider how tapping into expert knowledge with any difficult task you are undertaking will invariably achieve a better outcome. Why would this be any different when starting a business, or seeking to move from a lifestyle organisation to a vibrant and ambitious high growth strategy?

The solution is to find the right guidance and objectivity for your business; trusted advice that draws on the necessary skills and experience to assist you in the development of your growth strategy, to work with you on its effective implementation and indeed, help finance it – all rolled into one.

John Thompson has a well proven track record and the knowledge, proficiency and motivation to make your business work for you, rather than you remain working for it!

Talk to someone that speaks your language

With significant experience in starting and growing businesses, I can help you develop your business, assist you with planning and strategy, access business finance, whilst at the same time ensuring you stay in control, work better, and create more value.

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John Thompson is MBA qualified and a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute, the UK’s leading professional body dedicated to promoting the highest standards in management and leadership excellence.  He has developed and sold two of his own businesses.

Whether it’s overcoming barriers to growth and developing a plan for the future, finding new sources of finance, turning your most innovative ideas into profit, or providing training and masterclasses to develop confident leadership and management, I can help.