How do I get new business funding? 6 tips for when your bank says No

When the bank says NO it might feel like a very lonely place.  My main piece of advice is: DON’T PANIC! There is always something that can be done! Just follow these 6 tips: 1. Don’t over-react Don’t blame the funder that is saying no.  The business funding world has changed dramatically since the heady days […]

9 Creative ways to achieve staff engagement during turnaround

In any change or turnaround situation, Human Resources plays a vital role in both implementing your chosen strategy and developing a sustainable creative culture. An Engaging and Open Culture   The environment needs to create as much safety and security around employees during these potentially difficult times given there is likely to be high levels […]

Creating a Turnaround strategy that keeps the value in your business

In previous blogs, we have talked about how to recognise the warning signs that your business might be heading into rough waters, and also about the importance of examining the wider business environment to determine the best positioning for your business. The third element of creating a Turnaround strategy that preserves value and ensures you stay in […]