Business strategy 101 – Business funding update – March 2013

1. Funding for Lending Scheme update Banks taking part in the Funding for Lending Scheme (FLS) have cut lending sharply in the last three months according to a report this week. The lower than expected FLS figures have dampened hopes that the project could help revive economic growth. The joint initiative between the Bank of England […]

15 need to know points about the UK rating downgrade and business finance

On Friday 22nd February Moody’s downgraded the UK economy from AAA to AA1.  The reasons Moody’s gave for the downgrade were that they consider the UK to have a weak economy and is suffering from sluggish growth. The likely effects of the downgrade are: The pound will drop, which means our imports will cost more.  […]

How do I get new business funding? 6 tips for when your bank says No

When the bank says NO it might feel like a very lonely place.  My main piece of advice is: DON’T PANIC! There is always something that can be done! Just follow these 6 tips: 1. Don’t over-react Don’t blame the funder that is saying no.  The business funding world has changed dramatically since the heady days […]

Business strategy 101 – Business funding update – February 2013

The Bank of England’s ‘Trends in Lending’ report, published on 21st January shows business funding options remain hard to come by for SMEs. The underlying message from the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 is that Finance for the SME sector remains elusive and, as a consequence, demand is subdued.  Let’s take a […]

Business strategy 101: Right place, right time

Everything in life is contingent upon its position in the world. The personal, political, scientific and natural worlds all depend on their location and the other elements operating around them. The same could be said about the corporate world, which is dependent upon the external environment within which it operates. This includes everything from local […]