The 2 hour Turnaround Strategy

Some time ago, a young aspiring business man, that was me, saw an opportunity to buy a business for not much money as part of the break-up of a larger group.  The main cost of the acquisition was securing the bank’s facility, and once this had been done I moved my young family 100 miles across […]

4 turnaround strategies (that were not turnarounds)

What images come to mind when we think of a Company Turnaround? Is it the business that is in a major state of distress? Laying off staff? Not paid its creditors? Winding up petitions? Directors arguing? Empty offices? Massive stockpiles of unsold goods? Etc., etc. Whilst this of course can be the case in the […]

How to get the right Business Management support

The availability of Management advice We have all seen there is an enormous amount of management theory out there. By definition there are therefore an even larger number of business management consultants, each using one or more of these theories to advise their clients on everything from business strategy to company turnaround.  I know because […]